Designs featuring a historic technique – Flat Woven. For thousands of years, Peruvian weavers have been using this form of weaving technique, and it’s a main stay. This style of loom allows us to make stunning rugs a lot faster, with a slightly looser, yet remarkably durable texture.


Designs that are worth the wait – Hand-Knotted. All over the world, hand-knotted collections are made one knot at a time. This process is much more intensive, allowing for increased detail & density in any given style. The density gives the rug a thicker and tighter feel, making it incredibly durable. The time it takes to weave increases substantially, but like most things that take time, it’s worth the wait.


Expertly crafted statement pieces – Suri Collection. Suri, one of our statement pieces. Made from the softest, most pure Alpaca furs – expertly crafted to make a luxurious, seamless statement. All of our natural Alpaca furs are handmade & one-of-a-kind as every Alpaca is different. Alpacas are not killed for the furs. Get ready to walk on clouds.