Rug Yarn Types


All our rugs are customizable offering a wide variety of colours, using different fibres such as boucle, brushed, long-haired, jute or silk yarns to suit your personal taste and style. Our innovative approach combined with centuries-old weaving techniques ensure all Sumaq rugs can withstand everyday use while still offering luxurious comfort. Learn more about our different types of rugs.

Rug Sample: Sarapo with Jute


Boucle, the most luxurious woven rug we make. We use a yarn that mixes Alpaca and a little Polyamide (binding agent), when combined creates the looping boucle yarn. The high content of Alpaca makes this weave extremely soft, so even when you add a rougher fibre like Jute it is still super soft. This weave is all about texture and ridiculously soft feel.

Boucle Rugs Include: Puno – Solid / Puno – Heather / Sarapo with Jute / Puno – Silk

Rug Sample: Sao Paulo

Jute Mix

Using a beautiful blend of our natural Peruvian Jute along with our super soft Alpaca fibre, these rugs were inspired to create a natural look with deep texture. The natural look creates a funky earthy feel, adding a little life to any space.

Jute Mix Rugs Include: Sao Paulo / Diamonds / Rio

Rug Sample: Ibiza


Over the years we have developed many different weaves, using our single faced looms. Each one has its unique qualities, but overall they provide different looks that people love.

Flatweave Rugs Include: Ibiza / Cusco Braids / Silk Cusco

Rug Sample: Lima – Marrakech

Flatweave Reversible

Two rugs in one. All our flatweave are handmade, using Alpaca fibers that are harvested in the Puno region of Southern Peru. These flatweave rugs are double-woven, double-faced and customizable. Feeling a change? Simply flip it over.

Flatweave Reversible Rugs Include: Lima – Marrakech

Rug Sample: Olas

Rombos ``The Sweater Rug``

Using a much thicker yarn, our Master Weavers braid the naturally marled Alpaca fiber by hand. Which creates a dense rug that feels like your favourite heirloom sweater. This flatweave brings comfort into any space – bundle up.

Rombos Rugs Include: Olas / Pedro

Rug Sample: Leather Arequipa


One of our softer, plusher rugs . Designs can be done with different pile heights, and offers both softness and durability underfoot. Great for areas like bathrooms, bedrooms, living room or hallways.

Hand-Knotted Rugs Include: Mingle / Arequipa / Leather Arequipa

Rug Sample: Bogata


Tramado, our thinnest, tightest and most durable weave. This process allows you to play with different pile heights and textures. Perfect for the creative person that wants something unique as this weave can be customizable in many ways – get creative.

Hand-Knotted Rugs Include: Bogata

Rug Sample: Mancora

Thin Weave

Thin flatweave is our single faced loom, giving the same design on both sides. A tighter, cleaner look with more intricate designs – a classic touch to any space.

Thin Weave Rugs Include: Mancora