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Rooted in ancient Peruvian traditions that date back to the Inca Civilization, Sumaq rugs are handmade by local artisans. Sumaq firmly believes in supporting local industry in Peru and South America, and promotes ethical manufacturing practices every step of the way. No alpacas are killed in the making of Sumaq rugs. Sumaq Alpaca Rugs is based out of Montréal and Vancouver.

Alpaca: the fibre of Gods

The gentle, long-lashed camelids known as alpacas, a close relative of the llama, are domesticated animals, primarily found in the South American Andes. Thousands of years ago, the Inca originally bred alpacas for their wool, which was used in the making of clothing for royalty. Described as the “fibre of the Gods”, alpaca was considered more valuable than even silver and gold.

Our Ethical Approach: every rug creates an opportunity

The Sumaq approach focuses on maximizing benefits for people and communities while minimizing impacts on the environment. Together with local artisans, Sumaq works to foster a greener, more sustainable world. This is achieved through the use of alpaca fleece, an ecologically friendly natural fibre, and the fact that Sumaq encourages manufacturers to adopt ethical practices in every aspect of their supply chain.

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Alpaca herding is a major source of income for an estimated 120,000 families in the region.


Sumaq’s commitment goes beyond the weavers; it extends to the communities in which our weavers live. To do this, we give back 5% of our profits to the communities where our rugs are made.