In 2010, after years of travelling through South America and falling in love with the people, history, and culture, Derek Beech and Collis Verdicchio founded Sumaq Alpaca Rugs. The aim was to bring luxurious handwoven alpaca rugs to a North American and European clientele, all while promoting ethical manufacturing practices and supporting local industry and artisans.

In 2022, after more than a decade working with independent weavers throughout Peru, Sumaq opened a new workshop in Lima. Today, weavers from all over the country have moved to the capital city to work in the Sumaq workshop, letting their skills and craftsmanship shine through the gorgeous rugs they create.   



The gentle, long-lashed camelids known as alpacas, a close relative of the llama, are domesticated animals, primarily found in the South American Andes. Thousands of years ago, the Inca originally bred alpacas for their wool, which was used in the making of clothing for royalty. Described as the “fibre of the Gods,” alpaca was considered more valuable than even silver and gold.

Because we source our alpaca fleece exclusively from alpacas that are raised at 15,000 feet above sea level, our alpaca wool is finer, softer, stronger, and of a higher quality. This provides our rugs with a truly unique and luxurious feel. Additionally, as alpaca fibres do not contain any lanolin, our rugs are hypoallergenic and incredibly soft.



Our bespoke rugs are hand-woven in our modern workshop right in the heart of Lima, Peru. Combining centuries-old traditions—passed down from generation to generation—with modern technology, Sumaq weavers produce one-of-kind luxury rugs for clients in North America and Europe. Choose from a variety of stocked or bespoke colours, exclusive designs, and custom or standard weaves. Our lead times vary between 2 and 12 weeks.


Designs made with a traditional technique. For thousands of years, Peruvian weavers have been using this weaving technique, and it’s a main stay. This style of loom allows us to make stunning rugs a lot faster, with a slightly looser, yet remarkably durable texture.

Designs that are worth the wait! Hand-knotted collections are made one knot at a time. This process is much more intensive, allowing for increased detail and density in any given style. The density gives the rug a thicker and tighter feel, making it incredibly durable. The time it takes to weave increases substantially, but, as the saying goes, the best things in life are worth waiting for!


Expertly crafted statement pieces. Our Suri Collection is made from the softest, purest alpaca fibres, expertly crafted for a luxurious, seamless statement piece. All our alpaca rugs are handwoven from natural alpaca fleece, making every rug different and unique. No alpacas are killed in the making of our rugs. Get ready to walk on clouds.


Alpaca rugs are known for their softness, durability, and luxurious appearance, making them a popular choice for interior decor. When you want to create a custom alpaca rug, it’s important to choose the colors and patterns that match your aesthetic preferences and the overall theme of the room where the rug will be placed. This is where a color card comes into play.

A colour card for custom alpaca rugs is a visual tool that helps you choose the right colors and patterns for your personalized rug. It ensures that your rug aligns with your design preferences and seamlessly integrates into your home decor.



As demand for alpaca rugs has grown in the last few years, we decided to consolidate all its operations in one facility. But it was not just the growth that led us to open a new workshop, but the need to reduce lead times, streamline production, develop new weaves, and handle much larger projects.

The opening of the workshop has also created job opportunities and job security for numerous weavers and their families. Today, weavers from all over the country, many from deep within the Andes, have moved to the capital city to work for Sumaq.

We believe to create beautiful rugs, all aspects that go into the rug need to come from hands that are respected. We truly value our weavers, and have created a culture in our workshop where they are supported and paid fair wages. As an example, one of our weavers is paid 10 times more than a weaver in the East – ethical manufacturing is real!



Alpaca by nature is an extremely soft yarn, that softness to some people can equate to weakness. That simply is not the case, it’s how the yarn is spun and woven, that dictates the strength of a rug. With over a decade of experience making alpaca rugs, we have learned how to integrate alpaca into a durable yet soft rug that will last for years. Like a cashmere sweater, some of our weaves need additional care, however the majority of our rugs wear like any regular rug. 

Below are some tips to keep your alpaca rug looking stunning for many years: 

  • Keep rugs away from excessive humidity & moisture
  • Vacuum regularly without a rotating mouth piece and do not use an industrial or a wet vacuum cleaner. Shake rug as frequently as possible.
  • Brush your Alpaca Suri rug quarterly
  • It is very important to rotate your rug regularly to create consistent wear
  • Treat wet stains as quickly as possible without letting them dry. Use a sponge to remove as much liquid from
    the rug as possible and then dab it with a white cloth or paper towel. Repeat the procedure until the stain
    disappears. Always work from the edge toward the center of the stain, to keep it from spreading. Always
    dab the rug, never rub or scrub it. After removing the stains, place rug in warm area to air dry.



The Sumaq approach focuses on maximizing benefits of Peru and while minimizing impacts on the environment. Together with locally based material suppliers, our goal is to leverage Peru and make low carbon based rugs. This is achieved through the use of alpaca fleece, a naturally sustainable fibre. Unlike mass wool farms, our alpaca is raised by local independent ranchers in the mountains of Peru. Who have been raising their alpacas the same way for thousands of years.

We are one of very few rug manufacturers in the world, who imports nothing into the making of our rugs. We are blessed in Peru to have amazing source material from highland wool, alpaca, and pima cotton. The simple fact of sourcing and manufacturing in Peru saves thousands of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere for simply not having to ship thousands of pounds of wool, as an example, around the wool.

Sustainability is one of the most difficult things to achieve in manufacturing, because most companies set up factories in countries where labour costs are the cheapest. We made a conscious decision to keep our worksop in Peru to eliminate shipping carbon costs, leverage artisan labour, and help grow the rug industry in Peru.

Sustainability is not just saying you are, but making financial and strategic decisions to help lower our carbon footprint!